Solomon Douglas

Solomon Douglas Trio/Quartet technical requirements

The Solomon Douglas Trio consists of piano, acoustic bass, and drums, and often includes vocals (from the pianist). The Solomon Douglas Quartet is the same, plus the addition of either a saxophone, a trombone, or a trumpet.

Note: unless otherwise agreed in writing, the band’s performance will consist of three 40- to 45-minute sets with breaks as needed.

Unless you make special arrangements with me, I will need you to provide an acoustic piano (grand or upright, tuned) or a suitable digital keyboard with 88 weighted notes (such as any one of the following: Roland fp-3, fp-5, fp-8, fp-9, RD-150, RD-500, RD-600, RD-700, a-90; Yamaha P-60, P-80, P-90, P-120, P-150, P-200; Kawai ES-X; Korg SP100; Kurzweil sp88x; Casio Privia PX-300, PX-310).

For the Trio, in addition to the mixing board, suitable amplification, and main speakers, your PA system will need to include three microphones (with cables and stands) if the piano is acoustic, or one microphone (with cable and stand) plus two quarter-inch inputs for the piano if the piano is digital. You’ll also need to provide one monitor wedge.

For the Quartet, requirements are the same as for the Trio, plus one more microphone and a second monitor wedge.

In most performance spaces, the drums do not need to be mic’d. The bassist can usually run a line (XLR) directly into your mixing board.