Solomon Douglas

Karen Maria Capo with the Solomon Douglas Trio

Solomon Douglas is a jazz pianist and bandleader, whose various bands have played at more than fifty exchanges, camps, workshops, and other events in North America, Asia, and Australia in the past six years. His influences as a pianist include Erroll Garner, Oscar Peterson, Gene Harris, Count Basie, and Thelonious Monk. Currently based in Sacramento, California, Solomon travels the country and the world, teaching dance and performing music for dancers.

Karen Maria Capo is a singer who began her performing career on Broadway at the age of 11. She has entertained Lindy Hoppers and Blues dancers in South Florida, Tampa, St. Louis, Dallas, Austin, Portland, San Diego, and elsewhere, following in the great tradition of Dinah Washington, Ernestine Anderson, Barbara Morrison, and Kim Massie. She has also performed for the non-dancing public at The Fountainebleau Hilton and Planet Hollywood in Miami beach, as well as the House of Blues in San Diego. She was born in Los Angeles, grew up in New York City, learned to Lindy Hop in Chicago and now lives happily in Portland, Oregon.

Solomon and Karen Maria have performed together at dance events in Pittsburgh, Porland (Ore.), Sacramento, Santa Cruz, and Seattle, including most recently the Sacramento Lindy Exchange (March, 2006). Karen and Solomon are both lindy hoppers, and they are both great musicians with a shared taste for swinging jazz and blues: this is a winning formula that wows audiences everywhere they play. They will be at the 2006 Denver Lindy Exchange with Karen's new band, Porkpie.

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